Select a "Normie" NFT and a "Mutation" NFT then click the "Mutate!" button. If the request is accepted a payment address will be returned. Please send the specified amount of ADA to the address provided. The payment must be received from the same wallet holding the selected NFTs and the NFTs must remain in the wallet until the mutant is delivered.

Mutate requests older than 1 week with no associated payment will be deleted.

How much?

12 ADA. 2 ADA will be returned with the NFT. Effective cost just 10 ADA. Send one payment for each request, do not combine payments. Requests associated with a specific artist collab may have a different price (which will be indicated) in the response.

Do not send any NFTs or other assets with payment.

Are the NFTs burned?

No NFTs are burned in the mutation. Any transaction received with additional assets will be returned to the sender and the mutation request will be cancelled. Do not send any NFTs with the mint payment.

How are the Mutation NFTs used?

Each mutation has unique modifiers that will be applied to the normie NFT. These modifiers are based on the metadata of the mutation NFT and the potency of the mutation NFT affects the runtime of the AI. Low to medium potency mutations will retain many characteristics of the normie NFT wheras high potency mutations will retain very little of the normie NFT and result in a much more abstract final form. Higher potency mutations also product higer resolution:

Each type of mutation influcences the AI based on type of mutation. Acid will create cosmic mutants. Shrooms are going to create a psychedelic look. Capsules and pills are going to create a surreal scene. Combos will turn the NFT into a horror show mutant. Each character adds additional modifiers for more variation.

How are the mutant NFTs created?

The mutant NFTs are created with an artificial intelligence image generation algorithm known as VQGAN+CLIP. This algorithm generates an image from a text prompt. Your "Normie" NFT is used as the starting image and the AI algorithm modifies it according to the text prompt. The text prompt used is derived from the Mutation NFT metadata.

I don't see all my normies

Due to copyright issues, only whitelisted "normie" NFTs may be mutated. If you hold an NFT that is not yet white listed for mutation contact KK in discord to see about getting it added.


Each image takes 10 to 20 minutes to create. Due to technical complexities, mutant NFTs can not be generated in real time or provide a preview of what will be minted. Requests will be batched together and processed once a week. A few days later you will receive your mutant.

What if I don't like the Mutant NFT?

You may return the NFT to be burned and a refund will be provided.

What is the utility?

Art and fun. These will look great on a digital picture frame such as those from NANO.

How many?

The policy will be locked after 5 years. There is no cap on the number of mutant NFTs that can be created or the number of times a mutation NFT can be used. However there is a cool down period after a mutation NFT is used, preventing them from being used more than once every 45 days.

What is the roadmap?

The long term plan is to build out a library of mutation AI algorithms. New mutation features will be rolled out as they become available.

The mutatant policy is created with a 5% royalty. Revenue generated from royalty payments will be used to benefit TCR NFT HODLers and fund TCR communty initiatives. ADA generated from minting mutants will be held in the TCR wallet. Some will be used to pay for AI server costs. The majority will be HODL'd and added to the pledge when setting up a TCR stake pool.