A variety of micro, small, and mid stakes cash games are running in The Card Room club on ClubGG. The currency in this club is ADA, giving utility to your crypto currency!! To get started, see below.


  1. First time deposit bonus. Receive a 50% bonus with your first time deposit (up to 10 ADA).
  2. Referral bonus. Receive 10 ADA when your referral deposits 20 or more ADA.


  1. Download the application at
  2. Search for club ID 434282 and join.
  3. To get chips:
    • Join The Card Room on Discord. You'll be given the @CLUBGG role.
    • Message SuperKK#5404 on Discord or @superkk76 on Twitter with your request.
    • Deposit* the same amount of ADA as chips requested to $tcr.clubgg
    • Send the transaction ID to SuperKK and your ClubGG account will be credited.
  4. Withdrawal may be requested at any time**. To withdraw, contact SuperKK. After verifying your chip count the request will be approved and transaction sent to the same address the deposit was received from. Please note that a small amount may be deducted to cover network transaction fees (~0.2 ADA).

* Withdrawals will be sent to the same address the deposit was made from. Please make sure you have custody of the wallet used to deposit chips. If you would like to use an $adahandle, mention it at the time of deposit.
** You will be required to play a minimum of 100 hands to withdraw after receiving free / bonus chips.


TableStake (ADA)Min BuyinMax BuyinRakeCap (bb)
NLH Lovelace0.02 / 0.04260%0
NLH Byron0.05 / 0.105150%0
NLH Shelley0.10 / 0.2010400%0
NLH Goguen0.25 / 0.50251501%1.5
NLH ADA0.50 / 1503001%1
NLH Basho1 / 21006001%0.8
NLH Voltaire2 / 420012001%0.5