Here at The Card Room we are creating a unique NFT gaming and DeFi space that will offer original digital artwork for our community to browse, collect, win, stake and play with. We are developing a community of artists, collectors, collaborators, gamers and NFT junkies; turning this into a platform promoting excellence and originality.

We will provide long term value to our NFT and token holders by building advanced features into our ecosystem with the introduction of smart contracts.


Verify the authenticity of your TCR NFTs. If buying direct, you can be assured you are getting an authentic TCR NFT and that we will never mint any more for an already minted series.

Series 1 Policy ID: 2b9fb283d8116489f4a494e76c75efe0d9992aaef6c65eaf9b374298

Series 2 Policy ID: 7135025a3c23035cdcff4ef8ae3849248afd369466ea1abef61a4157

Mutants Policy ID: 004e10028cc11fb84905ff051e4dcadb5c6e6c791181a333333988ad


The Card Room remains focused on long term value and fun for HODLers. The dev team (aka KK) is focused on implementing the mutations in the short term. Longer term plans include setting up a stake pool to benefit TCR NFT holders, a launch pad to support emerging NFT artists on Cardano, and creating open source tools to support other developers on Cardano. Other initiatives include setting up a marketplace and merch.


KK - A true programming prodigy, KK took apart his family IBM computer when he was 6 and claims to have built the first AI mind with the parts. Studying Mathematics and Computer Science at University he went on to a successful career in software engineering working in a variety of fields writing firmware for consumer electronics, medical devices and consulting for an AI imaging company. KK was attracted to crypto for the Lambos but stayed for the tech and inevitable decentralized future.

KK is the brains behind The Card Room and has built the whole minting process, website, image layering and metadata construction by hand whilst losing at 2 NL online poker. He is a passionate NFT collector and refuses to sell any at a profit.

See what KK has to say on Twitter: https://twitter.com/superkk76